How to Use Kik Messenger – Picking Your Kik Name

kik memHere are few tips and tricks that will guide users to get the most out of using Kik.

Scheduling Kik Messages on Android

You can easily schedule your Kik messages with scheduling apps. Here’s how you do it.

Download the Kik scheduling app to your phone.
It’s quite easy to root an Android phone. There are lots of websites that will lead you through the process step-by-step. The easiest way is by using a system-based rooting software – all you need to do is download a rooting software on your computer, enable USB debugging on your Android phone, connect the phone to the computer and run the rooting software which will take care of the rest. There are other ways to do it, of course, but the way to go about them is slightly more complex.Open the Kik scheduling app after it has downloaded and gives yourself Super user permission. The app should have a pending messages option in the window that opens up. Click on edit or the icon alongside and choose the Kik name of the contact to which you want to send the Kik message later.

Type your message and choose the time when you want the app to deliver the message. Click on ‘Add’ to put the message in the scheduled message pipeline. Your message will be sent at the time you have chosen. This app is a great way to wish someone happy birthday or anniversary at midnight, a time when you may be asleep or even send messages to your contacts who are in different time zones at a specific time.

Recovering Deleted Kik Messages

It is quite easy to recover deleted messages that are less than seven days old. All you need to do is simply uninstall Kik and then reinstall it. The app automatically backs up your data on your phone’s memory at 4 am every day. This means that all your messages are already stored in your phone. All you have to do after reinstalling the app is to tap on ‘Restore’ when it prompts you to restore all messages. Once you chose the option, you will get all your messages back.To recover deleted messages that are older than seven days, follow the steps below:
Go to your phone’s Kik folder.
It will have a folder called ‘Databases’. The path is Memory card > Kik > Databases Check the files and add any different Kik name that is easy to remember at the start of the megastore file Kik names. Since all files will be in the megastore-YYYY-MM-DD.db.crypt format, select the ones with the date of the messages you deleted and rename it with the original file Kik name

Go back, and uninstall and reinstall Kik.
When it prompts you to restore the old messages, choose ‘Restore’. Your desired file will be restored and saved as “msgstore.db.crypt”

A quick tip:
When you restore the messages, only the old messages will be restored, the most recent ones will not be available for you to see. If you need these messages, you will have to repeat the process above, so that the old .db. Crypt file is deleted and replaced with a new one.


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